Dr. Livia Bellina, MD Pathologist. Medical Doctor since 1979, she works for the National health System since 1987, still now.

In 2008 to confirm a diagnosis of malaria in a migrant arrived to Lampedusa Island, she sent the first images by a mobile.-phone with a MMS,( without internet) to receive a remote support for her diagnosis.After that she started to study tropical medicine and international cooperation by creating with her teachers the first “expert” network of consultants.

She founded the MobileDiagnosis (MD), a not for profit association aimed at sharing knowledge and providing diagnostic support to health workers worldwide, by using mobile phone technology.The association also provides educational support and guidance on the use of mobile technology, mainly for resource limited and rural settings. MD Association has been included in the WHO GHWFA and the method has been included in the WHO Compendium of the innovative technologies addressed to the global wellness.

Since 2009 she worked teaching and sharing her method in several of more rural underserved and poor villages of developing countries in Uganda, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Madagascar, DRC, India Assam, Nepal and Thailand bordering Myanmar.

In Bangladesh in 2010, upon invitation of Professor Muhammad Yunus , she showed the feasibility of the MD Method for a low cost tele-transmission of images from rural to central head quarter, in Dhaka. Since then she is connected with AIT_Extension and AIT Yunus Center.

in 2013 with the Vice president of AIT  Thailand  Prof Kanchana Kanchanasut  and her team, she started to study and to apply the MD to the IntERLab mesh systems operating in Thailand rural villages

In 2013 and 2014 she spent a couple of months in Bangkok by working with YCA by studying and designing the possibilities to applying the Social Business and the Social Entrepreneurship to the Health care in rural contexts.

Both in 2013 that in 2014 during the months in Thailand, upon invitation of Francois Nosten– Oxford- Mahidol University she went to teach to SMRU Staff working on Burma-Thai border in the Karen refugee camps of Mae La , Wang Pha, MKT and Mae Sot.

She returned to Mae Sot in 2017 (Collaboration with Mae Tao Clinic, where she thought to MTC Lab Team)

in 2018 , in collaboration with Burma Border Project and Help Without Frontiers,  she returned in Mae Sot, and visited around 200 children and provided lessons about hygiene and prevention in the learning centres New Wave learning Center (BBP) and
SAUCH KHA HONG SAR and P’YAN DAUNG (HWF) refugee learning Compounds.

In these last missions , having seen in her 10 years of work on the field,  mothers and children as well as the main part of people living in poor communities to die for malaria, parasitosis, anemia, but mainly, for hungry, simply for lacking of food, she have tried to focus her action  in the fight against hunger to reduce poverty.

This new adventure started on the field,  2018 in Mae Sot with the ” integrated action”
1- school health, hygiene and prevention education
2- Screening of children’s development- height – weight – eyes, teeth, as a routine, and also orthopaedic examination-nutrition and skin examination and if it requires parasitology.

All teachers working in the refugee learning centres  she visited in Mae Sot
were instructed to do the first health check (weight, height, eyes, teeth and skin) to the children, and in a future all of them will be able to make a simple diagnosis independently.

To does that ,the local collaborating organizations was provided with scales to weight children, meters, and Optical tables for the eye’s visual determination.

In the next missions (it could be in the next months) her work in Mae Sot will be focusing on

3 -meetings worskshops and education (according to the guidelines of the ICCDRB and the World Bank) aimed at training local people.

“Despite significant progress the world continues to endure a triple burden of malnutrition.

These three burdens are connected, but clearly different, to problems
1: energy shortages (hunger),
2 deficiencies of micronutrients (hidden hunger )
3 and excessive intake of net energy and unhealthy diets
4 (overweight / obesity) .
5 Despite significant progress, 795 million people are not achieving the minimum dietary energy requirement.
6 Most of these people are in sub-Saharan Africa. , in which 1 in 4 people are hungry, and

in South Asia, where 1 in 6 people are hungry, more than 2 billion people are deficient in key vitamins and minerals needed for disease growth, development and prevention. .. “http://www.worldbank.org/en/topic/agriculture/publication/the-future-of-food-shaping-the-global-food-system-to-deliver-improved-nutrition-and-health
Her goal is to apply the MobileDiagnosis Method (educating, connecting, networking) together with social entrepreneurship education, to improve rural development and the life of the rural, underserved, neglected , poor communities

Future action : coming soon !

The project /idea , already started with a great collaboration, will be presented in India, 4th Forum WHO, December 2018.

Innovation : all steps in pills

Connecting worldwide local health and work forces-providing them remote support and education

2008 the first mobile-health – patent application https://patents.google.com/patent/EP2116884A1/en

2009 publication for global good in open access the method https://diagnosticpathology.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/1746-1596-4-19
because health and education I think are a human rights

2011 WHO Compendium of innvative technology

Click to access new_emerging_tech_10final.pdf

2011 Ashoka Changemakers

2011 innovation in local education

2011 innovation to protect fragile genders

2014– innovation in local education/communication

2014  community health care and malaria eradication

2015: MeToo, the first APP thougth for low skilled, isolated, work-forces
2017 – Haectic in Innovation IGI Global editor.


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