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March 2017

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MobileDiagnosis, the smart way






Goes malaria really down ?


When we study, when we try, we think,

when we spend our time for researches,
this should be addressed to the global good.

Not only for the market
or for personal gratification.

Of course, if you confirm an your  diagnosis or hypothesis, this is a great satisfaction, but the main effect has to be another.

Change, improve, review of all our knowledge
and go through all the mental barriers.

In 2012 I had malaria in the DRC.
Several times in two months. (Same in 2013 and 2014)
In Italy no one believed me, because Rapid test was always negative …..

After three years of study and field screening, and another couples of malaria each year in the DRC, I confirmed my guess,
bringing the samples to confirm my diagnosis of genetic laboratory of Sapienza University (to look for genetic). Together we found a lot of interesting things. Including that RT does not always work.


Why now, not all researchers do not take into account the fact that the rapid tests often fail?

Because we are still looking for ” positive or negative” with the rapid test and a brief examination of the thickness test?

In my (small) opinion we are underestimating
a big problem.

Malaria is going down in different places, of course, but I think we all need to think critically.

We risk to share the false idea that we are totally eradicate malaria, primarily at the local health work force, thus generating a new generation of local health workers not seriously committed.

Less committment less quality in work.

All sample are detected as negative or positive with the rapid test.

All samples are examinated in less than 1-2 minutes at microscope.

We are lowering our guard

The warning level.

We are lying to ourselves that ,in some communities, Malaria no longer exists.

The risk is that the bad lady is quiet for a while ‘, and then, later, may be soon,
she will explode like a bomb.

Reduced levels of control, less experienced (especially less motivated) local work-forces, abandoned communities.

All these factors could affect the “return” of the bad lady in a devastating way.
It could be interesting to know your opinion
Are you in ?

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