I went to Uganda….and I have seen wonderful peoples, working with love and commitment….they are not perfect, but they worked hardly and improved their skills…..
There was not water , not electricity , but they developed all their potentiality
At the end I have leave better health workers , and better hygienic conditions

I went to Bangladesh in a very poor context
The persons was wonderful, committed and lovable……
There was not water, neither electricity and the villages was very far from town ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage
Children dies for malnutrition, diarroea…..anemy,,,,and ignorance
After three months, I left
peoples improved, hygienic scenario improved, and better health centers….cleans and comfortables….

I went to Afghanistan, and in Hospital I found good conditions ,
and after just only two months I leaved “my students” excellents……
They improved their skills and was able to make a good diagnosis!
The hospital staff have understood the notions about hygiene and clean
at the best , and when I gone out the scenario was perfect

Women of rural village, in Afghanistan immediately understood
that hygiene and clean are very important for a better health……..
Without water and electricity…….they improved their knowledges………

I   dreamt of    work in a   terrible and far  country……..a nigthmare

with water and electricity , in labs built  with funds taken by our taxes and from our pockets…….

The people, instead of work goes around , go out make own affairs, returns , go out again…..
in a 9-hour working day , possibly works four hours…(if needs….) and cry to be tired

If someone have the courage to fight against this “system” is immediately isolated, removed, and sent far so far as possible

All lazy are happy for this system,…

the low level staff because is free to work when they likes and as they likes

The intermediate staff, because they have not any control

The chief………when is at work in the own work station…….(..rarely)….when????……

All are happy….in this special country…..

The rooms are dirty, the electricity devices are broken and not safe

and some staff in addition gains more salary for control the safety of rooms and devices……

There are water in this country, but is not used for clean
There are electricity in  this  country, but  is
not safe

The persons that works there are not committed, and everyday
wait only that the work day goes to the end…..The are waiting in the same way the end of their life?

The peoples suffering see this terrible scenario , dirtness, laziness, and are thinking that in

this  country is not safe have health problems

The persons go to the main laboratories only when the health is very compromised, so they are thinking that the “main labs” are death places
…Now…I ask to you…….

What is the real Third World?……..ImageImageImageImageImage