A wonderful 2012

Dear Friends

when I was working in Lampedusa,I sent images to Eduardo Missoni, in Geneve, by MMS and I dont had any problem……. but if Lampedusa is in the “south”  of the world ,certainly Geneve is not as…
So, I am sure that this  problem will be resolved in a short time
You have to consider in fact that a local level must be  involved the local actors, (as  my friend Eduardo could say) for an action G-Local(global -local)
and in this view the local actors can be Local Institutions, Universities, but also the local  Sponsors,as the Telecommunication Companies
These can be involved   both as sponsors that as facilitators, providing special packages with  MMS service with a good images size, as for providers of antennas and receivers in the areas less covered
I started in 2008  and I worked on the field alone,  just from  the 2009….
In the 2011  MobileDiagnosis, that I founded with Eduardo Missoni,received   Global Awards  :WHO published MobileDiagnosis on the Compendium of Innovative Technologies addressed to Global Health, and we have been selected between  the 30 innovators of 2011….

Now  MobileDiagnosis, in this new year , have to organize at the best the work and the Global Project, just in partnership with other Organizations that are working a local level, and we are looking for  partners that are  working in  all  areas  with  “low resources” for building of a Global network
MobileDiagnosis, in fact  will  act in this way :
Will  be on the field for an initial “mission” for
1- improve local partners and share  a local level the method
2-create a local “school” where educate people of local rural communities
-community referents-for PHC and Community Medicine
-lady of community (for the care of women and children and for care of pregnancy)
-workers of health posts-doctors, midwifes,paramedics etc
3-give  sustainibility to local projects, involving the  Global Partners of MobileDiagnosis  for
-Establish internships for foreign students of developed countries where Partners or Friends are present( Bocconi, Global health Course, Verona Negrar, Tropical medicine , Florence careggi, Tropical Diseases and health Cooperation, etc)
Foreign students will pay internship fee , and with this fees  will be payed also local student education
In addition, with creation of a education centre, the live of community will have several benefits  linked to came of foreign students (stay and food etc )
My work , my volunty now is share with all friends interested for expand MobileDiagnosis where need, and permit to the currently neglette communities to be  a part of the “evolved” world, or better (I like more) of a world where the Health and
the Education are Rights

For this now MobileDiagnosis is looking for friends and partners

and all will be welcome

Hope you like and will be with us in this New Wonderful Year!


all children  also in the poorest  countries can fly if they know fly
Laura Monastra painted